EU sales

Selling outside of your home country on Amazon or other marketplaces within the EU while overrunning the threshold of €10,000 comes with new VAT responsibilities. You can either register a VAT ID in every country you sell to or simply sign up for the One Stop Shop to ensure compliance with EU regulations.

from €89.00 per сountry

Your obligations

Registration and delivery of all reports in English
VAT ID registration
It is mandatory to register for VAT in every country
Periodic VAT reports
We are ensuring that you submit your monthly or quarterly VAT reports on time.
VAT services
One-Stop-Shop registration
We check your data and register you for One Stop Shop.
VAT ID registration
All you have to do is sign the documents. We take care of everything else.
€449.00 per сountry
Prepare specific VAT reports
All your monthly and/or quarterly VAT reports will be submitted on time.
✓ We process your data automatically
✓ We double check all data
✓ You will receive payment instructions and arrange payment release
€89.00 per сountry
We monitor your transactions and react to changes immediately. That way you’ll be informed about upcoming changes in time.
We have been working with the team behind countX for many years. They have always solved our problems, offered competent personal support and automatised a lot of their processes. A strong partner!
Christopher Glatzel
Vivere GmbH
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5 Years of Experience
5 Years of Experience
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