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Unsure about your current VAT obligations?

Connect your data sources. We will identify your VAT obligations automatically and provide you with recommendations for your next steps.

  • EU-wide threshold
  • Sales to EU countries
  • Active warehouses
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Just provide basic information about your company and connect your Amazon account. We provide all instructions.
We process your data
We check if you reached thresholds, which VAT obligations you have because of the warehouses. As a result, you get instructions on how to be compliant.
You will find what VAT obligations you have abroad on the dashboard. Setup check gives you full transparency about possible sources of error or whether you are currently operating correctly.
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  • Clarify any uncertainties you might have regarding cross-border VAT and One-Stop-Shop (OSS)

  • 100% transparency about your current situation

  • Elimination of potential errors

  • Individual solution and recommendation for your VAT setup

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Daniel Michael
Has been helping clients with their VAT for over five years and supports companies building their online business ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.